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A short life of Sadhu Nag Mahashay [ PDF ]
Sadhu Nag Mahashay in the eyes of Scholars [ PDF ]
Householder Saint Sadhu Nag Mahashay
Sainthood (Sannyas) is very hard. Harder it is to perform sannyas remaining in family life. To continue in this religious path, it is necessary to give up women and money in one word, “Grihi Sannyasi” will leave every thing, follow the path of religion and at the same time perform the duties of family. Sri Ramakrishna gave lesson to house holders how to perform sannyas maintaining family life. So Sadhu Nag Mahashay was known as Grihi Sannyasi. He performed sannyas staying at home. Seeing the sorrows of family life he went to Sri Ramakrishna to obtain sannyas. Seeing Sadhu Nag Mahashay Thakur said-
"You need not to become sannyasi. You stay at home. House holders will learn religion following you."
Since then Sadhu Nag Mahashay started practicing sannyas staying at home. He became Grihi Sannyahi Sadhu Nag Mahashay.
Aim of Sadhu Nag Mahashay Ashram
Sadhu Nag Mahashay passed away on 13th paush 1306 Bengali year at 10-5 a.m. at the age of 53 years 4 months and 7 days. Since then Deovog, of Narayangonj has become a holy Tirtha.' Sadhu Nag Mahashay Ashram was built to uphold his memory. Aim of this Ashram is to elevate people, guide them in the path of religion. In the year 1964 many temples and mosques were destroyed in the Indo-pak sub-continent due to Hindu-Muslim riot. Sadhu Nag Mahashay Ashram was also not spared. All activities of the Ashram were stoped. All properties and assets were grabbed.
The Ashram resumed its activities again in the year 1978 with the help of devotees and local administration. Now it has a strong committee. Some land was recovered from illegal occupants. The aim of this Ashram is to render service to human beings.

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