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I had limited knowledge about religion. After observance of profession, it is impossible for me to be attentive about other subjects. After that rules & regulation in the society, the spiritual sensibility always react in my professional responsibilities & accountabilities, I have got the post of “General Secretary” of Sadhu Nag Mahashay Ashram. When I heard about this great saint life history then I feel that it’s affect on my life & realized a lot of change in my mind. Then I feel that we should to know about Sadhu Nag Mahashay.
Sadhu Nag Mahashay a unique name in the religious field. Till to day people remember with respect his glorious activities. He was one of the close disciples of Ramakrishna. Like Sri Ramakrishna & Swami Vivekananda he also took service to living being as religion. This great man was born in Chandrasingha Bhaban, Deovog , Narayangonj (Bangladesh) on 22 August, 1846.
Sadhu Nag Mahashay took human service as mission of his life. His name spread every where as a disciple of Ramakrishna. People in large numbers started coming to see Sadhu Nag Mahashay. In those times he performed many miracles.
Sadhu Nag Mahashay had coordinator of all religions. He was followers from various religious communities. He said- “There is Shiva in every living being.” It means every living person is part of God. He believed this, his disciples also belived this. He preached this message to the whole world through Swami Vivekananda. So today there are many followers of Sri Ramakrishna home & abroad. Sadhu Nag Mahashay was one of them. He could understand Sri Ramakrishna with his heart. So he could spread his teaching throughout the world.
Sadhu Nag Mahashay passed away on 13th of paush at 10.5 a.m. He is no more today but his works remain. His works have been showing us path as light does in the darkness. We are inspired to remain in the path of truth. This great man who was respectful to all religious faith has become immortal in the earthly community with his supernatural memory. Sadhu Nag Mahashay will remain in the heart of many till human race will remain, the earth remains, flowers blossom, birds sing, wind blows, rivers flow & the sun rises. I am also grateful to Sadhu Nag Mahashay. May bless all of us. I pray to convince of hand of saint Sadhu Nag Mahashay.
Tara Pada Acharjee
MBA, Phd
General Secretary
Sadhu Nag Mahashaya Ashram
West Deovog, Narayangonj,
Office :  +8809557314
Res :  +8807631840
Mobile :  +8801911352442
E-mail :  tarapada0191@gmail.com

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