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Sadhu Nag Mahashay   Sadhu Nag Mahashay Ashram
Religion is a great multidimensional concept which inspires a man to become perfect & purify. To be a perfect man he needs to study different fields of knowledge related to religion. Having a limited knowledge about religion ideas it is not possible for us to study all its branch knowledge. We have tried to acquire some knowledge on religion whenever we find time.
Our close associate saint Nag Mahashay & his institutions along with the teaching of Sri Ramakrishna & Vivekananda literature has played a great role to create awareness & feelings about religion in us. This have encouraged us to about the holy & saint like Sadhu Nag Mahayasha who was a follower of God-incarnate Sri Ramakrishna, the spiritual teacher of the greatest humanist named Swami Vivelkananda who was the founder of Ramakrishna Mission & Ramakrishna Math.
Sri Durga Charan Nag is well known as Sadhu Nag Mahashay in the history of Sanatan religious practice of contemporary era. Have a Moha-yogi, great soul who attained supreme success in Yoga. Sri Ramakrishna said Nag Mahashay a burring fire. Vivekananda objected to use only “Sadhu” title before the name of Nag Mahashay. He said that it was insufficient to call him Avatar. A piece of sand of his birth place Deovog can create an Avatar. This tribute of Nag Mahashay, Deovog & Narayangonj (Bangladesh) is wondering to imagine. We are grateful to visit the paternal house is an eternal virtuous in the history of spiritual practice of Bengal.
Thank you to visit this great saint site and you could get more information about Sadhu Nag Mahashay from this site.

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